Dr Jill A. Macoska and her laboratory group have relocated to the University of Massachusetts, Boston. New contact information and website URL are provided below:

Jill A. Macoska, Ph.D.
Alton J. Brann Endowed Chair and Professor of Biological Sciences
Venture Development Center, Rm. 168
Wheatley Building, 3rd floor
100 Morrissey Blvd.
The University of Massachusetts, Boston
Boston, MA 02125

Email: Jill.Macoska@umb.edu

Telephone: 617-287-5783

Fax: 617-287-6650

website: http://www.umb.edu/macoska

Above: Photomicrograph of prostate myofibroblasts. The orange color demonstrates co-expression of alpha-smooth muscle actin (green) and collagen I (red). Photo: Dr. Mehrnaz Gharaee-Kermani.